8 Billion

In November 2025, the population of the world reached 8 billion.
One week later there was just one person left alive.
This is his story.
James Smith is a recovering drug addict trying to regain control of his life. With no job, no money, and denied the chance to spend more time with his young daughter, he buys a gun with the aim of ending it all. His suicide is interrupted when he witnesses a double assassination and is taken in for questioning. The next day it becomes apparent that an army of killers is on the loose and that nothing can stop them. James goes on the run, hoping to stay alive, but the assassins are invisible, seemingly invincible, and getting better all the time. He joins others as they seek the truth behind the genocide. And there is only one rule: do not stop moving.

8 Billion is available through Amazon and B&N for 99c.