Alpha Revelation

Brett's story continues. . . .

Life on the Martian colony of Utopia has never been easy for Shor Larkin. Unable to fit in, he has no friends and no prospects. Plagued by memories he does not understand, it is only his dreams of working in the Space Program that keep his hopes alive. When even this is taken from him and he is assigned to work in the Maintenance department, he thinks life cannot possibly get any worse.

While fixing a hangar door, he stumbles upon a space ship lying neglected and forgotten in a corner of the Space Sector. Then he starts receiving mysterious messages from someone trying to contact a person called Brett. Shor's life is turned upside down when he realizes that the messages are coming from the ship and that he is not who he thinks he is.

Alpha Revelation is due to be published through Splashdown Books in 2014.